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How do I watch a live stream?

It is so easy to start watching any of our live stream or upload videos if you have been diverted to a page on our website which shows you a few options, the first one should be a link to a YouTube video. Shortly before the event time you should be able to view a live video using any smartphone, tablet or PC.

If I missed the start can I re-watch it later on?

Yes, of course, you can. Just like any streaming service you can pause, rewind or fast forward it. Also, we will never remove the YouTube video so you can watch time and time again. 

I can't see the live stream, whats happening?

There could be many reasons for this so let's see if any of these ideas can help.
First off let's start with us, while we make every effort to broadcast our videos there will always be limitations, it could be that the area from which we are has a very poor mobile internet signal. We bring multiple network sim cards to better our chances of going live and even with a Mobile Internet Booster box it's still possible there is just not internet to carry the heavy amount of data that is needed to deliver live video. 

Is it your internet? Check to make sure you are giving yourself the best chance to watch a smooth live stream by being near your home wi-fi router or if your outdoors then walk around till you find a signal with the most bars on your smartphone.

In the event, we're not able to go live we would like to like to reassure you that the event is being recorded and will be uploaded soon after the event. 

As an additional backup and if the church/venue offers it we will attach a link to the church's own live streaming camera. 
Remember not all churches offer this but if there is a link you will find under our stream link.  

Do I need a new link to watch a failed live stream?

In the event, a stream did not broadcast live and we have to upload shortly after the event it is important to know a few things, first the link you have originally been given that took you on our site should be enough, we, however, will need a short time to upload and point the original link to where you will find the upload video. 

Can it be watched offline or on my TV?

Yes, we offer an offline solution by request only.

Contact us for more details. 

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